How To Talk To Your Children About Drugs And Addiction.

A research done in the United States of America reports that, a staggering 20 million Americans or more have some form of addiction and are over 12 years of age. This statistic is very alarming, which is why the title of the article and an awareness to the parents to have the talk, but a different talk that constitutes the topics of drugs, alcohol and various forms of addiction. Another research also done in the United States, says that about 80% of people with an addiction of either smoking, drinking or drugs have all started before the age of eighteen. So, how do you talk to your children, whether boy or girl, about such a sensitive issue. Here are some ways of how you could address the matter.

Be Direct and Open

The worst idea you would ever make is to keep secrets while discussing about the matter. It is very essential to make this a two-way discussion and not a one-way lecture. Let you children get involved in the conversation to ask questions, clarify doubts and express their own opinions and experiences. Never miss out on any sort of detail because this detail might be important for the child’s wellbeing. As a parent, it is important to keep your child or children comfortable, since a sensitive theme like this might cause an unease for them. You would also have to educate them about the consequences of taking such substances and letting them know that there is a way to turn around by either a drug rehab centre or with the help of family and friends. 

Be There for Them.

If you do somehow discover that your child has been using such drugs or is under the influence of alcohol, do not attack them with questions and do not release your frustration and anger. Your job is to find out why did your son or daughter chose the path. This may be due to emotional breakups, problems outside the house, peer pressure or the encouragement of his/her friends. If you do learn the reason, it is now up to you to solve this problem. Show them your support and let them know that you have their back for anything in the future. 


Another vital element required for a child to grow up, is for the parent to trust them. Trusting your son or daughter would impart confidence in your child and that would inversely benefit you, since the child would want to maintain the trust, the parents show them. If they do go wrong in very bad ways with substance abuse, let them know that there is such a thing as drug rehabilitation.Having such a talk is crucial for the wellbeing of your children, even if they are above the ages of eighteen and are old enough to make their own decisions. Check this link to find out more reviews regarding drug rehabilitation.