Natural Therapies For Children

Instead of forcing your child to eat more tablets and syrups, you can look for natural therapies that can make your child fitter in a natural way. Herbal medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, reflexology, ear candling, remedial message and nutritional therapy and so on are some of the natural therapies for children. 

Colds – There are natural treatments that are present to prevent flu and colds. By visiting a naturopath you can get a total idea on how naturopathy can help your kid from suffering from cold and flu. An individual’s body can fight with colds and flu naturally. It is a fact that sufficient proportion of bacteria must be there in the gut and it is significant for good immunity because 70% of an individual’s immunity is available in the gut. Acidophilus and bifidus can really give birth to sufficient amount of bacteria. They will make the person’s immune system a lot better and so the person can recover at a fast pace from flu, sore throats and colds. It is a fact that the common cold is self-timing. Your kid doesn’t need antibiotics all the time to get rid of colds, sore throats and others. 

Even, natural therapies can solve the difficulty of food intolerances too. Visit an experienced naturopath for food intolerances and help your child get rid of food intolerance naturally. Antibiotics stop the natural development of one’s immune system and should be taken after prescribed by a doctor only. Antibiotics are good to treat infections. Sore throats along with colds can turn into extreme secondary streptococcal infections. That’s why you must treat your cold throats with natural remedies to prevent the infections. 

Things to eat – A kid can eat hot vegetable soups, hot lemon, Manuka honey and so on when he or she will have sore throats and colds. You should take bed rest. Keep in mind that Vitamin C, Echinacea and Zinc are good for you and will relieve the symptoms. You can make use of a vapouriser along with a tree oil to clear your nasal passages and to breathe properly. Tissue salt is good too for the flu. 

Aches and pains – Arnica cream is great for muscular pain. You must eat more green vegetables, calcium to lessen the pain of aches and pains. It is a fact that flavinoids as well as flaxseed oil are present in some fruits, berries. Kids must eat these things as it can stop the inflammatory substances’ formation in the body that can actually cause more pain.