Manage Your Back Pain To Stay Fitter

Back pain is a common problem. It generally occurs after 40s, and in some cases, teenagers also suffer from this severe pain. The common reasons for back pain can be pulling heavy weights, poor posture while sitting, poor physical condition, inflammation, etc. But there are some other things that encourage the pain.

However, we don’t always want to turn towards the chemicals or anti-inflammatory drugs for relieving back pain. Although these prescribed medicines can help, but the effect is temporary, and has certain side effects. But you can avoid or manage your back pain by some alternative ways. Visiting a Melbourne city chiropractic is definitely one of those effective ways that will help you manage your pain in a natural way. Doing these following things whenever you experience acute back pain will also help you manage it.

Go for Melbourne remedial massage:

Massage and myotherapy improve your blood circulation and relaxes your muscle tension. But, this should be done on a regular basis. If you go for only one session of remedial massage, it can probably give you a temporary relief. But if you want permanent results, get therapeutic massage done twice a month.

Take rest:

If you are experiencing back pain, don’t panic. Just relax your body and take some rest. Lie down on your bed and rest for at least half an hour. Don’t get up immediately after resting. Stretch your back muscles while lying on the bed, sit straight on the bed and stretch again. If you feel relaxed and it doesn’t hurt your back, you are all fine to work again. But remember, too much rest will only make your pain worse.

Try yoga for best results:

If you do high intensity exercise or weight training, it’s possible to get injury which ultimately leads to back pain. So, it is recommended that you do yoga at least 4-5 days a week to be fit and flexible. This way, you can manage or reduce your back pain easily.

Heat and cold therapy:

In this therapy, ice packs are used first to numb the pain, and then a hot pad is placed onto the area to heal the pain permanently. This helps a lot in reducing the pain.

Consult with your doctor:

If it’s been a long period of time you are suffering from the acute back pain, without no further delay go to your doctor and get some tests done. Ignoring the pain and trying to reduce it naturally would be worse if the pain is severe. In that case, you’ll have to take proper medications with the recommendation of your doctor.