Facts And Myths About A Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery

A total shoulder replacement surgery must be done when your shoulder is no longer functioning in a proper way. But, there are some facts and myths about such a surgery.  

A fact – a total shoulder replacement surgery is effective and can solve other types of conditions also. If a person is unable to move his or her stiffed shoulder in a normal way, he must pay a visit to a shoulder specialist’s chamber. Only a shoulder specialist or the best orthopaedic surgeon is capable of doing proper diagnosis and can treat your shoulder pain in a right way. In some acute shoulder pain cases, the patient feels that as if their socket is coming out of their shoulder. Majority of the patients made their mind to do total shoulder replacement surgery when dislocation of shoulder takes place. People also prefer a total shoulder replacement surgery if he is suffering from arthritis in shoulder, fractures and rotator cuff tear. 

Tips to be kept in mind – You must do extensive research before choosing any orthopedic surgeon, whose chamber is close to your home. You must surf net and find out that how many reputable as well as great orthopedic surgeons are there in your area or state. You can get to see many websites on internet of famous orthopedic surgeons who are specialised in arthroscopy. Just check the comment section to find out that how many positive comments are present in it. You ought to select another orthopedic surgeon if more complaints were written by both earlier and existing patients. You can take references from your friends, relatives, family members, siblings, colleagues, dear ones, neighbours and so on. Don’t do your shoulder’s surgery if an orthopedic surgeon is charging too less money. 

Things to know about – Just like in a hip, the ball and socket joint is present in your shoulder too. This implies that it is formed of a big bone’s (ball) top layer, which fits into a flatter bone’s (socket) groove. At the time of a total shoulder replacement surgery, metal implants are applied for stabilizing and reconstructing the destroyed point. During surgery, the arm bone’s top portion is taken out in half-moon shaped implant and a large stem is also added. The large stem is put into an individual’s arm bone for giving stability to a person for a long time. A plastic socket is also fitted into the shoulder blade during surgery. But, even after all these things you can feel that an artificial socket and ball are placed inside your shoulder.